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ian Engai luminosity.jpeg


Ian has been exploring the arts of fire, dance and music for many years in countries all across Europe in groups and as a solo performer and DJ. 

Co-Founding Luminosity back in 2018 he has a passion for bringing together artists to create beautiful and unique shows with fire and light.

Over the years he has incorporated dance, martial arts, theatre and his skills as a music producer/DJ into the shows to bring one of a kind experiences to the audience. 


With a background in dance, gymnastics and creative outlets such as clothing design, acting and photography, Loraine continuously tries to develop her passion and possibilities in her creative expression. 

Since she discovered flow arts in 2016 she is eager to apply this together with the rest of her skills into performing arts.

Besides her creative side she has great interests in the laws of nature. She studies natural healthcare to become a naturalist healer and makes delicious organic chocolates.

To top off her active lifestyle she also became mother in October of 2019.

Vivian Loraine Pijper
Luke O'Connell


Finding his passion for fire and circus arts at a young age, Luke went on to follow his love of performing by putting together theatrical fire shows at festivals all around Australia. Continuing to network and expand Luke then took his shows into the corporate world soon after.

Performing in Australia for 6 years, Luke then took his skills abroad and has now go on to perform fire and LED shows in a number of different countries around the world. Including Thailand, Canada, The UK, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Croatia, France and the Netherlands where he continues to grow his business in entertainment.

Combining different dance and martial arts diciplines Luke aims to create one a kind show pieces that will stand out from the rest and create everlasting memories.. Incorporating the use of multiple fire and circus props within his performances, he will eat fire, bend light and dazzle you with skills in object manipulation.


Lisa (aka Elvee Elements) has been performing since the age of seven. First in theater arts and since 2014 as a full-time Circus and Fire dance artist. Her main disciplines are Hula Hoop, Dragon staff and Poi dance.


She aso practices Aerial acrobatics and loves to swim as a real-life Mermaid. She has a deep love for Fantasy which she expresses through costume making and her performance acts. 

Lisa Elvee Elements
Joan photo.jpg


Joan has been performing since she was 14 and started out competing in ballroom and latin dance competitions. After that she danced in different showteams and learned the art of stiltwalking.

Through the online platform twitch she found her love for Flow Arts & has been creating digital shows ever since.


She also is an artist creating different artworks on her streams bringing the viewers with her in the process.


Joan now combines the streaming life with performing fire and led shows with Luminosity. 


Mira is one of the newest additions to the team of Luminosity. He brings a whole variety of skills from years of experience with performance, theatre, dance, martial arts and choreography. Helping create a whole new flavour when it comes to fire theatre. 

Mira is also an international performer that continues to collaborate with with many different artist throughout Europe.



Eva is originally a hula hoop dancer but now she has expanded her skills to the world of fire and light shows. Bringing her skills in dance and performance she has now joined the team of Luminosity to help create bigger show pieces.

Eva Luminosity.jpeg
Berend Rijpstra



Berend. You amazing, eccentric, awesome, talented, intelligent, funny, one of a kind and specially warm hearted man. 

We miss you. 

With pain in our hearts we had to let you go traveling off into the other realm.

A sudden shock. 

A shock that nobody saw coming. 

We had a total different future imagined. 

One where we would dance, create, laugh, learn, and share together.

So much was on the horizon. But it was not meant to be.

You leave a spark of fire with us that inspires and lights us up. 

And we will carry your fire along so your energy may stay alive and continue to inspire creation.

Thank you so much for being who you were and what you’ve brought to this world.

We hold you in our hearts. 

So much love 

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