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Exhilirating Fire, Pyrotechnics & led show

Duration: 13-25 min

Stage Dimensions: 6m x 6 m.

Artists: 3 to 6 artists

High impact fire shows
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This beautiful show combines 

elements of fire, light and pyrotechnics to create a powerful experience that will never be forgotten. 

High impact fire shows

Twin flame

Duo Fire performance

Duration: 15min

Stage Dimensions: 4m x 4m

Artists: 2 artists

Flames unite within this duo performance as we bring together a variety of fire props with a fusion of martial arts and dance.


This creates a dynamic yet elegant showpiece that can be adapted to any event you hold. 

Flame On

High impact fire performance

Luminosity ignite.jpeg

Duration: 10min

Stage Dimensions: 6m x 6m

Artists: 2 - 6 artists

This is a high impact show where we use the full range of explosive powders, pyro technics and charcoal. Creating an explosive experience that will light up the night and entertain your guests in a way you would have never imagined.  

Pyro technic show

Fire entertainment

Not only do we create choreographed stage shows but now we offer a variety of Interactive Entertainment with Fire and Light.


Being able to cover a larger area of performance this choice of show is perfect for big events, nightclubs and festivals. 

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